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About Chachoulie

CHACHOULIE brings to you handmade accessories that are designed and made in London using the fabrics of Palestine.

The aim is to breathe life back into the embroidery and kuffiyehs (black and white male headdress) of Palestine and bring them to a world audience by mixing craft, creation and imagination. Pieces of hand stitched Palestinian embroidery, often vintage, are transformed into exclusive limited edition accessories and the light cotton of the Kuffiyeh is viewed as a versatile fabric that lends itself well to today's fashions and tastes.

I have combined these fabrics with Western jewellery components and haberdashery to present to you unusual new ideas. The pieces that have utilised embroidery are made around the existing design of the embroidery. The size, colour and shape of the piece dictates the style and use of the final creation. I view each fragment as a unique work of art that someone has spent hours stitching. With great regard to this, I cut into the stitches with care and waste nothing. Since the embroidery is hand stitched, absolute symmetry is not always achieved and items cannot always be repeated.

Thank you for viewing my products. For anyone interested in the Palestinian fabrics. please read below.


Historically embroidered dresses have been a symbol of status, age, affluence marital status and region. Today a variety of embroidered products are made by Women's Cooperatives, and Welfare organisations. The distinctive embroidery has become a medium for expressing national identity as well as a source of much needed income for these charitable groups. As the traditional dresses are worn less frequently, the craft has transferred to the creation of home wares cushions covers and accessories. Sadly the hand stitched items are replaced by their less appealing machine made copies. Every effort is made by me to source hand stitched or vintage panels of embroidery which are becoming more and more scarce.


The black and white kuffiyeh scarf (Palestinian male headdress) has become a " potent symbol of national identity.... and its meaning has passed into the international language of costume" (S.Weir). It is associated with liberation movements but is now utilized by me as a beautiful fabric with endless applications, from cushions, wallets, teddies towels and appliqe t shirts.. The traditional Kuffiyeh is now only made in the Hirbawi factory, the last Kuffiyeh factory in Palestine located in Hebron. Its continued production is now threatened by the import of cheap imitations. I hope to help revive the demand of this fresh and evocative fabric.

Watch the Kuffiyeh - Made in Palestine below.

I will end with a very apt quote taken from the book "Palestinian Costume" (S.Weir pg 276) where the author refers to modern embroidery works of art, which I hope refer to my creations too.

"These artefacts are a step removed from what a museum curator would normally consider "authentic specimens" because they are not made or worn by the villagers for their own use, but modified for external consumption....... Nevertheless, they have their own brand of authenticity as products of the desire of non villagers to express their own urban fashions of dress and domestic decoration, while retaining stylistic features which are obviously derived from an older Palestinian tradition."